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Agency specialized in market research, which acts in the consulting and full or partial performance of quantitative and qualitative projects. execution of qualitative and quantitative studies of market research.



A pioneer company in regional studies in Latin America and in the technical application of Conjoint Analysis and DCM in price studies and development and optimization of portfolio and products, especially in mobile telephony.
Business Alignment

Business Alignment

Working Philosophy: partnership, customized service and constant search for the best solutions, to meet the needs of clients and projects.
Objective: to be a small-sized company that provides relevant solutions.
Quality Policy

Quality Policy

Understanding that the human being is susceptible helps us to pay special attention to details, including the subjective ones, and ensures a high-quality level in all stages of the work.


In 2006, we decided to focus our operations in Brazil, acting throughout the Brazilian territory, mainly in the Southern, Southeastern and Northeastern regions.



Differentiated services, commitment to customer needs, ethical integrity and human and social responsibility.

Competitive Differentials

Quality, flexibility, and commitment.

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Clarice F. N. Carvalho

Business Associated Director

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